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Why Men Benefit Mentally from Working with a Life Coach

Men are strivers by nature. They provide for their families and are heroes to their children and sounding boards for their partners. No matter what’s going on in their lives, they are expected to appear strong in the face of adversity, excel in their careers, finances and personal relationships and be the solution to all problems at work and home.

It’s a lot to take on.

But even a superhero needs an outlet; life coaching can provide that. Working with a coach allows men to reflect on their lives, what’s troubling them and what’s working well while providing unbiased insight and strategies to support continuous improvement in their personal and professional lives.

Benefits of Life Coaching for Men

Relinquishing control can be incredibly freeing. Sharing in a safe, non-judgmental environment with someone that understands men’s struggles provides a unique perspective, allowing men to become more objective about aspects of their lives that they want to change.

But first, let’s be clear: life coaching is not therapy. A coach is there to help us succeed, recognize our strengths and provide strategies to help us to achieve our goals.

We might consider life coaching if:

We are facing a career change or
nearing retirement.

We are starting a new business.

Our work is interfering with our home life.

Our work causes excessive stress.

We’ve lost the plot.

We are not connecting with
our partner.

We want to learn how to resolve conflict or communicate more effectively.

We are going through changes in our personal life and looking for ways to move forward.

Any of these scenarios can benefit from life coaching. A life coach’s job is to empower and motivate, help us move into our purpose, increase self-awareness and focus on the right things as we take steps toward achieving our goals.

Striking a Balance Between Work and Home Life

If our home and work life are out of balance, finding the satisfaction we crave might be challenging.

We hear this from many men: “I have a full life, good friends, a great partner and a job I love. Why do I feel like something is missing?”

Trust the gut. If we think something’s amiss, we are probably right. Balancing personal and work life is one of the hardest things to do, and we may not be seeing things as they truly are.

Life coaching can help us find the balance we crave. A coach and a client can define goals and map out a plan to help to get there, implementing proven strategies like meditation, mindfulness, journaling and strategic planning to support the journey.

Every winning player has a great coach behind them. It’s time to get in the game.

Abbe Lang is a Certified Professional Life Coach and CEO of Motivation Point Coaching. For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-452-3434 or visit